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License to Carry FAQs

18 Pa.C.S. § 6109(a) - A license to carry a firearm shall be for the purpose of carrying a firearm concealed on or about one's person or in a vehicle throughout this Commonwealth. The licenses are issued to persons who qualify, based on a background investigation conducted by the Firearm License Unit, within 45 days of the filing of the application. The license may be revoked at any time for reasons of misuse, criminal activity or a person whose character or reputation shows they are likely to act in a manner dangerous to public safety. The fee to apply is $20.00 cash. The license is valid for a period of five [5] years. Tioga County requires that the applicant apply or renew in person.

18 Pa.C.S. § 6109(b) - An individual who is 21 years of age or older may apply to a sheriff for a license to carry a firearm concealed on or about his person or in a vehicle within this Commonwealth. If the applicant is a resident of this Commonwealth, he shall make application with the sheriff of the county in which he resides.


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18 Pa.C.S § 6112 - No retail dealer shall sell, or otherwise transfer or expose for sale or transfer, or have in his possession with intent to sell or transfer, any firearm without being licensed.

You will need to bring in person to the Tioga County Sheriff's Office a completed application for a License to Sell Firearms. The fee to apply is $57.00 (payment is to be made by cash, check or money order; to the Sheriff of Tioga County). The License to Sell is good for three [3] years.

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When carrying your Pennsylvania issued license in reciprocating states, you must be aware of and follow that state's current firearm law(s). For the most current list of reciprocating states and their laws, see the Pennsylvania Attorney General's website at PA Attorney General Reciprocity.

Citizens who choose to bear the responsibility of carrying a concealed weapon are solely responsible for keeping safety in mind at all times. This includes the safety of yourself and society around you.

You must have your permit and a driver's license on your person when carrying a weapon in these states. When traveling from state to state your weapon must be carried unloaded, separate from ammunition and out of reach of any person. (Preferably in the trunk)

DO NOT carry your weapon into any Federal, State, County, Municipal buildings, hearing offices or school property

DO NOT carry or possess a weapon on any Military Installations.

DO NOT carry your weapon when drinking alcohol or into any facility that sells alcohol.

Check local regulations before carrying weapons on Federal or State parks.

Any violation of the law may call into question your character and could cause revocation of your permit.

Any careless or improper decision you make while carrying a weapon could result in criminal prosecution or civil liability.

When you are not carrying your firearm, maintain it in a safe location, unloaded, and out of reach of any children. Ammunition should be stored in a separate location.

When dealing with Law Enforcement Officers, always inform the officer immediately that you are carrying a weapon and keep your hands in plain sight.

Pennsylvania Concealed Carry License FAQs

18 Pa.C.S § 6102 "Firearm."  Any pistol or revolver with a barrel length less than 15 inches, any shotgun with a barrel length less than 18 inches or any rifle with a barrel length less than 16 inches, or any pistol, revolver, rifle or shotgun with an overall length of less than 26 inches. The barrel length of a firearm shall be determined by measuring from the muzzle of the barrel to the face of the closed action, bolt or cylinder, whichever is applicable.
Yes, your license is valid for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia.
Immediately tell the officer that you are carrying a weapon and that you are licensed to do so while your hands are visible to the officer.  Follow the officer's instructions completely.  For safety reasons, the officer may secure your weapon while they verify your license to carry firearms.
Applicants must be 21 years of age and reside in Tioga County.
As of June 1st, 2018 the Tioga County Sheriff’s Office has gone to issuing the same day that individuals apply. However, if the applicant is put into research, it may take up to 45 days to process your application. If that is the case, you will be notified in writing via United States Postal Service when your application has been processed.
Please contact the Tioga County Sheriff’s Office at 570-724-3491. 

Your License to Carry Firearms is valid for a period of five [5] years from the date of issuance, unless otherwise revoked.

A renewal reminder will be mailed to your home address within 60 days of the expiration date of your current License to Carry Firearms. In order to renew your License to Carry Firearms, you must complete an application and arrive in person with a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License or Pennsylvania Identification Card at the Sheriff’s Office in the County that you currently reside in. It is imperative that you keep your address current so that you may receive the reminder.
Apply for a duplicate License to Carry Firearms by arriving in person at the Tioga County Sheriff’s Office with a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License or valid Pennsylvania Identification Card.
Yes. Your License to Carry Firearms is valid throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including the City of Philadelphia.
Please refer to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office www.attorneygeneral.gov for a complete list of those states that have reciprocity agreements with and/or honor a Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearm. Reciprocity Agreements
No. Your License to Carry Firearms is valid for any firearm.

No. Pennsylvania does not require firearms to be registered.

No. You should transport your firearms(s) to and from the range unloaded. The firearm(s) should not be accessible to anyone in the vehicle. You must go directly to and from the range. Place your firearm(s) in the trunk of your vehicle with your firearm wrapped up or in a case. Transport your ammunition in a separate area of the vehicle.