The Recorder of Deeds is the repository for land records.  Our responsibilities include receiving, recording processing and delivering: Deeds, Deed Restrictions, Mortgages, Satisfaction Pieces, Releases, Assignments, Easements, Rights of Ways, Leases, Survey Maps, Miscellaneous Documents as well as Bonds & Commissions for Notaries and Elected Officials, Military Discharge records, etc.; all transactions are public record with the exception of the Military Discharge records which are closed records to the public due to the privacy act passed by the veterans themselves. The Recorder of Deeds is an Agent for the Department of Revenue with the collection of Realty Transfer Tax.

     The Register of Wills has jurisdiction of the probate of wills and grant of letters to a personal representative of a decedent who resided in Tioga County.   Letters of Testamentary (with a will) or Letters of Administration (without a will) are granted to properly qualified individuals who meet the requirements of the Probate, Estates and Fiduciaries Code. ONLY when an estate has been probated a Certificate of Appointment (short certificate) can be issued to the executor or the attorney handling the estate. The Register of Wills serves as an agent for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the collection of Inheritance Tax. These documents are all public records.

     The Clerk of Orphans’ Court issues Marriage Licenses, Petitions for Guardianship, Petitions for Small Estates, Family Settlement Agreements, Annual Accountings, First & Final Accountings, Adoptions and other court related issues.  All of the Orphans’ Court records are public records with the exception of adoptions which records are sealed by the Court and closed to the public.

Applying for a Marriage License Online  

The following website now allows individuals the opportunity to submit information to the Clerk of Orphans’ Court Office to start the process of applying for a marriage license online.  Please remember that your application is NOT complete until both individuals appear in the Orphans’ Court Office with the required documents and fee. Both applicants must appear with the proper documents (see Marriage License Requirements under the Orphans Court Office) in our office within 60 days after submitting the application and no later than 10 days prior to your wedding date to complete the application process to comply with the three (3) day waiting period. 


Simply click on the website above to get started. 

After you have filled in all the blanks on the application, if information is unknown please fill in the blank with the word unknown, submit the information for both applicants, you will be given a message that has a confirmation number we recommend that you print the page and bring it with you when you appear in our office.  The marriage license requirements still remain the same.  

Application Fee:  $35.00 cash – we do not accept personal checks. 

Once you have completed the application online you must call 570-724-9260 to make an appointment to come in to our office to finish the application process.  Both applicants need to appear in person. If prior married, you must show proof of how the last marriage was dissolved.   If by divorce you must provide a certified copy of the final decree from the county seat.  If prior marriage was dissolved by death of spouse, you must provide a death certificate issued by the department of state.  We cannot accept photo copies.  Must bring proof of identification with photo I.D. such as a valid driver’s license or passport.

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Obtaining Your Marriage License

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