Residential Services
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Residential Services
1873 Shumway Hill Road, Wellsboro PA 16901
Sandi Bellis
8:00 - 4:00

  Residential Services offers residential treatment programs that serve youth from throughout Pennsylvania who require placement and therapeutic intervention outside the home.

Secure Detention:           

The 12-bed Secure Detention program provides temporary, maximum security for youth ages 10–18 that have been adjudicated or are alleged delinquent and are awaiting court disposition and/or placement. A judge or his designee must authorize admission to Secure Detention. The average length of stay on the unit is 16 days. Youth receive on-site educational services through BLaST Intermediate Unit #17 and participate in supervised recreational activities and life skills training.

The court may request that a youth in Secure Detention have a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation.

A diagnostic evaluation provides valuable information to help the court determine appropriate placement for the youth, following his or her stay in detention. This comprehensive evaluation includes: 

  • psychological evaluation by a clinical psychologist
  • medical evaluation
  • drug & alcohol assessment
  • individual and family background summary
  • behavioral observation report
  • home assessment
  • educational evaluation
  • summary and recommendations report
  • court testimony, if appropriate
  • psychiatric evaluation, upon request.
Residential Treatment/Shelter Care:           
Residential Treatment provides a structured, supervised setting for court-ordered delinquent and dependent youth. The co-ed program serves youth ages 12–18. An individual treatment plan is developed for each youth. A behavioral management approach, consisting of four levels and a daily point system, helps the youth develop self-discipline, self-esteem and social responsibility.  Residential Treatment also offers shelter care beds for Tioga County youth.  Residential Pool
Resource Family Placement/Foster Care:    
Resource family placement offers safe, temporary housing for children birth to 18 who are removed from their homes due to issues such as abuse, neglect, an at risk environment and improper parenting. All family avenues are exhausted before a child is placed in resource family care. The program also provides for recruitment and supervision of resource homes as well as training for resource parents. Click here for more information.
Bridge Housing:           
 Bridge Housing The 11-apartment Bridge Housing program is located at the St. James Complex in Mansfield. The goal of this program is to assist the homeless and victims of domestic violence to find and retain permanent housing. This is accomplished by providing temporary housing and supportive services, such as case management, housing counseling, training and life skills education to those living in Bridge Housing. The maximum stay is one year.
Independent Living:           
Independent Living provides life skills training for adolescents ages 16-21 that are currently or were previously placed in a resource family and/or residential care.
Supported Living:                  

There are six mental health units that are utilized for transitional living apartments.

Housing Advocacy and Development:

Tioga County employs a Housing Specialist who is responsible for coordinating housing with providers, attending state, county and regional meetings regarding housing and seeking out additional resources related to housing for people with mental illness and developmental disabilities.

The Housing Specialist coordinates the Local Housing Option Team meetings which bring together key stakeholders within the community to identify the housing needs of people with disabilities. The LHOT team meets on a monthly basis with the goal of finding interested landlords and land owners to become involved and provide safe, affordable housing for those in need.

Additionally the Housing Specialist takes part in weekly Consumer Support Program meetings. The CSP meetings are based on the needs of the individual to incorporate self help and other approaches which allow consumers to retain control over their own lives. The housing specialist helps the consumer find safe and affordable housing when they decide they want to establish a residence of their own within the community of their choice. Tioga County continues to concentrate on consumer needs while focusing on recovery, improved services access and quality outcomes.

Community Support Program (CSP):
This program is a coalition of mental health consumers, family members and professionals working to help adults with serious mental illness and co-occurring disorders live successfully in the community. This is a statewide coalition that links CSP nationally with regional and local CSP’s throughout the State. This program is based on key principles which focus on the fact that people can and do recover from mental illness. The community support system incorporates the following components:
  • Treatment and support
  • Family and friends
  • Peer Support
  • Meaningful work
  • Income support
  • Community mobility
  • Community groups and organizations
  • Protection and advocacy
  • Psychiatric rehabilitation
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Health care

 A consumer, a family member, or a professional may contact the CSP to request help.