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Cross Training

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Family-based case management services at Tioga County Department of Human Services Agency are provided generically by cross-trained casemanagers.  Each caseload averages 22 - 25 families, with a maximum caseload of 30.

Our casemanagers make home visits to each family at least once a month.



Approximately 50% of TCDHS's clients and their families have multi-categorical problems.

Cross-training provides case managers with the informational tools they need to provide holistic, family-based services within the categories of Mental Health, Intellectual Disability, Children and Youth and Drug and Alcohol. Generic case management allows clients to access all categories of service through one case manager. Within each category, staff are required to know:

  • presenting signs and symptoms
  • who delivers the services
  • who is eligible for services
  • the funding sources
  • where the services are located

Categorical expertise is always available through the Department’s specialists, cross-trained staff who have pursued extensive training in a specific categorical program.

New staff also rely on the expertise of TCDHS’s Service Planning Team, which reviews and authorizes every client’s service plan.

Each category of service has its own state mandated training requirements and cross-trained workers much complete categorically-mandated training yearly.  All staff are provided additional opportunities for training through TCHDS's Staff Development office.

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