Family Services
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Family Services

1873 Shumway Hill Road, Wellsboro PA 16901
Jen Harmon
Assistant Director:
Christa Hilfiger
Phone: 570-724-5766   
Hours: 8:00 - 4:00

Family in Field

  Family Services opens doorways for Tioga County residents to prevention-based, family-centered services. Some services are offered through contracts with private providers. Others are provided by the Tioga County Department of Human Services in various locations throughout the county. Most services are provided free of charge or on a sliding fee scale, based on income guidelines.


Case Management:
At Family Services, every caseworker is trained in all three Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare human service categories---mental health, intellectual disabilities, and children and youth. Pennsylvania Department of Health regulations require an additional D&A caseworker to work in conjunction with the integrated delivery methods of this department. In every case, the Family Services department strives to link families to all the services they need through one caseworker. By focusing on the family as a unit, the caseworker is able to offer appropriate, preventive services to each member of the household. The caseworker makes home visits to the family at least once a month to ensure that needs are being met.

Common Application Form (CAF)

A simplified, Common Application Form (CAF) helps the Service Planning unit assess client needs quickly and efficiently. A CAF can be completed over the telephone or at any office of the Tioga County Department of Human Services.

Service Planning


The Service Planning unit reviews each CAF to determine if and what services are needed. Clients eligible for services are initially assigned a caseworker from this unit. Established clients - those requiring on-going services are transferred to case management in the geographic Patch unit nearest their home.



DHS’s system of human service delivery divides the county into three geographic Patch regions that mirror the three school districts, with a casework unit assigned to serve each one. Each casework unit consists of one supervisor and four to five caseworkers. The Patch unit professionals work with local schools, churches and area organizations in their region to help build community support networks for the families who live there.

Protective Services:


Protective Services works to safeguard children from abuse and serious neglect and implement the Child Protective Services Law. Assistance includes parental instruction and education, protective and preventive social counseling, emergency homemaker services, emergency shelter placement, emergency medical services and self-help groups.


Temporary Placement Services:


Temporary Placement Services provide supportive interim placement for children, birth to 18, removed from their own homes due to abuse or neglect. The program provides intensive services for families in an effort to ease the conditions that necessitated removal of the child(ren) from their homes. If family reunification is not possible, a permanent alternative home for the child(ren) is found.

Emergency Placement Services:
Emergency Placement Services are initiated when time does not allow for the use of planned, Temporary Placement Services. Provided are up to 30 days of residential care and supervision for children, birth to 18, whose immediate safety is threatened unless they are removed from the home; those who present a danger to themselves or others by remaining in the home; and those who would run away if left in the home.
Early Intervention (EI) Services:
Early Intervention provides free, developmental screenings for children, birth to three years old. The program also offers a variety of supportive services for children and their families, including developmental evaluations, physical, occupational and speech therapy, vision and hearing screenings, family education and social work services.


Intellectual Disability (ID) Services:
The Intellectual Disabilities program offers services for those who are intellectually disabled and who meet the specified criteria.  The services include Supports Coordination ( Case Management), and Home and Community based services.  Some of the services included within the Home and Community based program are respite, companion services, day programming, life sharing and other residential supports. 


Adoption Services:


A licensed Family Services’ caseworker helps families to adopt children who have either been born in Tioga County, are available for adoption through a statewide adoption network, or are from other parts of the United States or the world. In many cases, adoption services provided by DHS are free. Special needs children include: 1) a child over the age of five; 2) members of a sibling group; 3) a child of a minority race; and/or 4) a child who has a physical or emotional condition diagnosed by a doctor.
Blended Case Management (BCM):

BCM services are for eligible individuals who have a mental or emotional illness.  This service is provided for adults and children.  Participants set their goals based on their strengths and needs.

BCM provides a trained case manager to access service advocate and build supports that will help them live a healthy and stable life in the community.

Administrative Delegate Services/Emergency Services:
The provision of emergency related activities and administrative functions undertaken to proceed after a petition for voluntary or involuntary mental health commitment has been completed.  This includes bed searches, emergency transportation and legal functions related to the commitment process.
Student Assistance Program (SAP):
Through SAP, mental health case managers serve as advisors for local secondary schools.  These individuals provide technical assistance to teachers and help ensure appropriate referrals for students experiencing mental health problems.
Drug & Alcohol Screening:
When a request is made for D&A services, screening is the first function necessary to meet the client's needs.  Family Services caseworkers are available to provide this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The main purpose of screening is to evaluate the need for a referral to emergent care, including detoxification, prenatal, perinatal, and psychiatric services, and then to motivate and refer the individual for a level of care assessment or other services.