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  Tioga 2020 Regional Transportation Initiatives



Tioga County is seeking $23,285,629 from the Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (“BUILD”) discretionary grant program to create an accessible and sustainable transportation network to expand travel choice, strengthen the local economy, improve the quality of life, and protect the environment in a tri-county region. The region includes Tioga County, Clinton County and Lycoming County (Region). In 2019, Tioga County submitted a request for the Marsh Creek Greenway. After consultation with U.S. DOT, Tioga conferred with its neighbors Clinton County and Lycoming County to develop a more robust request to tackle transportation challenges that impact this Region as a whole.

Roles and Responsibilities

Tioga County will serve as the applicant for this initiative and will enter into the grant agreement with the Federal Highway Administration for the BUILD program funds. PennDOT will manage the Tioga 2020 Regional Transportation Initiatives (Initiative) through its Electronic Contract Management System (ECMS) and will serve as the fiduciary for the BUILD grant funds. PennDOT has been working with this Region for decades to identify solutions for the transportation challenges that impede travel, disrupt the movement of goods and materials, pose threats to life and property, and create safety issues with cyclists and pedestrians. Each county will be responsible for working with PennDOT to carry out project components located within their county. Cooperation Agreements have been executed and attached to this application.

Project Components

The $28,485,629 Initiative includes the following regional project components: 

A.     Project Component A - Marsh Creek Greenway (MCG).  Located in Wellsboro, this 3.2-mile non-motorized transportation alternative project removes cyclists and pedestrians from U.S. Route 6. MCG also includes the construction/reconstruction/rehabilitation of four bridge projects identified by PennDOT as critical to the project. Project Cost: $13,504,139

B.     Project Component B – Bald Eagle Valley Trail (BEVT). BEVT services the greater Lock Haven area. This project provides an 11-mile transportation alternative for residents of Lock Haven, Castanea Township, Pine Creek Township, Wayne Township and Avis Borough (greater Lock Haven Area). This project will safely link these communities to each other, to Jersey Shore Borough, and to the Pine Creek Rail Trail (PCRT). Project Cost: $1,428,514

C.     Project Component C – Jersey Shore Borough Transportation Improvements (JSTI). Addresses unsafe cycling and pedestrian movements in Jersey Shore. Improvements include intersection enhancements, bike lanes, pathways, and sidewalk improvements. This component includes a trail linkage to the Bald Eagle Valley Trail (Project Component B) and linkage to the PCRT. This project will also provide signage to direct users of the PCRT to the heart of Jersey Shore’s business district. Project Cost: $3,154,251

D.     Project Component D – Jersey Shore’s Lawshee Run Culvert Replacement Project (Lawshee Run). Replaces a 1,317 linear-foot culvert running under Allegheny Street (SR 3028), a major route carrying over 7,600 vehicles per day, and home to businesses and residents of Jersey Shore Borough. Project Cost: $9,385,000

E.      Project Component E – Lycoming Valley Railroad Bridge 171.30 (LVRR). This project elevates the LVRR from its current height of 13 feet 10 inches to enable efficient movement of goods and materials on this rail line and on U.S. Route 220, which is part of the National Highway System. Project Cost: $713,725

F.      Project Management/Administration – PennDOT will hire a third-party contractor to manage these projects on behalf of PennDOT: $300,000




BCA and Supplemental Materials

BCA excel spreadsheet


TIP Letters



Map Components


Funding Commitment and Match Letters

Operations and Maintenance Plans

Tioga 2020 Project Component Cost Estimates

Tioga 2020 Project Component Schedules