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HMEP Application

Here are the answers to (hopefully) all of your questions:

 ·        Who: T&R Rescue Solutions (out of New York State) has a course that they teach around the region regarding Heavy Rescue, this one with an emphasis on Hazmat. Their philosophy is that every heavy rescue is a hazmat (i.e., saddle tanks) but the course also pushes it to the next level by including scenarios where there will be a tanker, a box car with hazmat, props such as 55 gallon drums, etc. We will bring a Tioga County spill trailer as well so people can see the equipment and strategize how they would use it.

·        What: The course description as well as pictures that they've sent for recommended props are available by clicking on the links below. Essentially, you learn to cut up large vehicles (mostly tankers and large trucks although not ALL because they find that those are harder for the course facilitators (i.e., the County) to get)).

·        Where: There would be a classroom portion on a Friday night (4 hours) followed by two daytime practical sessions over a weekend (16 more hours). The practical portions would be hosted at a salvage yard that can facilitate the equipment/prop needs. It would take at least six months to set up (I'm told) to make sure all of the ducks are in a row but the course could hold 30+ people. They would have several instructors that teach portions of the class and, due to safety, all practical sessions have multiple instructors available to split up students in the group. It's a well run operation

It’s a total of 20 hours on a Friday and then over the Sat/Sun weekend (I think we messed that part up in the application).



Course Description

Photos Showing Examples of Needed Props