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1. Bloss Township                                               Community Building, 756 Arnot Rd., Arnot Pa
2. Blossburg Borough                                         Fire Company, 324 Main St., Blossburg Pa
3. Brookfield Twp.                                              Township Building, 2037 California Rd., Westfield Pa
4. Charleston Twp                                               Tioga County Fair Grounds, 2258 Charleston Rd., Wellsboro Pa
5. Chatham Township                                        Town Hall, 1579 Blair Creek Rd., Little Marsh
6. Clymer Township                                           Municipal Building, 1105 Locust St., Sabinsville Pa
7. Covington Township                                      Township Office Building, 114 E. Hill Rd, Covington Pa
8. Deerfield Township                                        Knoxville Community Building, Glover Conference Room
301 Main St. Knoxville Pa
9. Delmar Twp. North                                        Coolidge Hollow Methodist Route 287 Wellsboro Pa
10. Delmar Twp. South                                      Township Building 610 N Lawton Rd, Wellsboro Pa. Stony Fork.
11. Duncan Township                                         Social Hall 1993 Route 287 Morris Pa
12. Elk Township                                                Township Building 20 E. Shambaker Rd, Gaines Pa
13. Elkland Borough                                           Borough Council Chambers, 105 Parkhurst St. Elkland Pa
14. Farmington Township                                  Township  Building 19 Elkhorn Rd. Lawrenceville Pa
15. Gaines Township                                          Township Building 1517 Route 6 Gaines Pa
16. Hamilton Township                                      Township Building 16 Tioga St Morris Run Pa
17. Jackson Township                                        Garrett Miller Center 37 Back St Millerton. Pa
18. Knoxville Borough                                       Knoxville Community Building, Gymnasium
301 Main St. Knoxville Pa
19. Lawrence Township                                     Township Building 1038 Buckwheat Hollow Rd, Lawrenceville Pa
20. Lawrenceville Borough                               Township Building 1038 Buckwheat Hollow Rd, Lawrenceville Pa
21. Liberty Township                                         Borough Building 7 W. Hill St, Liberty Pa.
22. Liberty Borough                                           Borough Building 7 W. Hill St, Liberty Pa.
23. Mansfield Borough                                      Mansfield Fire Station 381 S. Main St., Mansfield Pa
24. Middlebury Township                                  Middlebury Fire Company 11747 Route 287 Middlebury Center Pa
25. Morris Township                                          Social Hall 1993 Route 287 Morris Pa
26. Nelson Township                                          Community Building 111 Village Dr. Nelson Pa
27. Osceola Township                                        Presbyterian Church 104 Church St. Osceola Pa
28. Putnam Township                                         Community Center, 2150 N. Williamson Rd, Covington.
29. Richmond Township                                    Township Building 563 Valley Rd., Mansfield, Pa
30. Roseville Borough                                        Community Center Building 114 Roseville Ave. Mansfield Pa
31. Rutland Township                                        Roseville United Methodist Church Anx 4118 Route 549 Mansfield Pa
32. Shippen Township                                        Township Building 68 Asaph Run Rd. Wellsboro Pa
33. Sullivan Township                                        Community Building 103 Williams Rd Mainesburg Pa
34. Tioga Township                                            Township Building 50 Coleman St. Tioga Pa
35. Tioga Borough                                              Borough Building at 18 N Main St. Tioga Pa
36. Union Township                                           Union Township Building, 324 Union Centre Rd Canton, Pa
37.Ward Township                                              Ward United Methodist Church 587 Church Rd Canton Pa
38. Wellsboro Boro Ward 1                              Hospitality House 3 Queen St. Wellsboro Pa
39. Wellsboro Boro Ward 2                              Masonic Temple 8 Kelsey St. Wellsboro Pa
40. Westfield Township                                     Westfield Township Building 528 Mill St, Westfield Pa
41. Westfield Borough                                       Community Building at 429 E Main St. Westfield. Pa